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The Latest - Testimonial By Lorraine Pisciotta

Lorraine Pisciotta

Weichert Realtors Monroe, NY

"I learned more from Ed Escobar in 8 weeks than I have in my entire 10 years in the real estate business!"

"I did over $1.5 million in production during the Sweathogs Program. Ed increased my confidence and my ability to list - especially Expireds. It was a very valuable and productive 8 weeks!"

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SUCCESS STORY OF THE MONTH - Congratulations to brand new Sweathogs graduate Fiona Approo-Jphnson of the Atlantic Avenue office of Fillmore Real Estate in Brooklyn, NY. Fiona did a total of 8 transactions worth almost $4 million during the 8-week program and SHE'S ONLY BEEN IN THE BUSINESS FOR 8 MONTHS! WOW! Owners/Brokers: Want results like this from YOUR agents? Call Ed directly at 813-390-6923 to discuss presenting a Sweathogs Program specifically for YOUR company.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATION OF THE MONTH - Some people DREAM of success while others wake up and WORK HARD at it.  

ED ESCOBAR'S BOOK OF THE MONTH - "Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work" by Stephan Schiffman

WEBSITE OF THE MONTH - Cole Information - will help you get more businessCold Calling – when done properly – will generate quality leads, which means more listings and more commissions. Cole Information provides valuable data to help you get your name out there. Expand your sales network with Just Listed/Just Sold Campaigns, farm a new neighborhood or targeting renters. For more information call 800-800-3271. Mention ‘Ed Escobar Training’ and receive a 30% discount.