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Ed Escobar is "THE EXPERT" at teaching people how-to sell!


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About Ed Escobar

Ed Escobar is The Expert in Teaching People How-To Sell!

Ed Escobar began his illustrious career as a salesman at an early age. He obtained his real estate license in 1976 and quickly realized that just about everyone in the state of Florida seemed to have their real estate license too. However, few knew what they were doing and Ed knew that in order to prosper in this business, he would have to differentiate himself and stand out from the crowd. He quickly discovered that TRAINING was the key.

As a top producing real estate agent, Ed received countless awards for his record-breaking sales production. In 1984, Ed and Floyd Wickman became business partners and together they built Sweathogs® - a powerful spaced-training program. Built on a "We Get by Giving" philosophy, hard work and a passion for helping salespeople realize their dreams, Sweathogs® has graduated over 120,000 students in North America and Canada and continues to be the most results-producing training program there is.

Ed has personally trained and changed the lives of more than 13,000 sales associates and continues to teach, entertain and motivate with his humor, closes and how-to's. Ed has inspired thousands to take control of their lives and sky rocket their production and income levels. Ed has devoted his entire life to the sales profession he loves and to coaching agents to master the skills they need to succeed. Ed Escobar is the expert in teaching people how-to sell!