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"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA as a direct result of my involvement in Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program. "

Marek Soblewski

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Ed's 20 Point Marketing Plan is now available under files.  This marketing plan is sure to impress potential clients and help you close!  Show a client how hard you'll work to market their property with this step by step outline.  Ed has even provided a dialouge that shows you how to present the marketing plan to clients.  Let us know if it helps you to get the signature! 


WHY SIGN UP? - Having devoted the past 33 years to the Profession of Sales, Ed has personally trained over 13,000 agents and inspired them to take control of their lives and sky rocket their production and income levels.  This website offers elements that are key to the success of any agent.  With membership you will receive vision and direction, accountability, education and coaching. This includes exclusive content and tips and strategies that aren't offered anywhere else! Ed's teachings have been proven effective time and time again.  If you have a desire to succeed and a passion for your business, sign up now! 


 ED ESCOBAR'S MASTER THE ART OF CLOSING 2 CD SET Learn how to close the sale and get the signature! Click the STORE tab on the toolbar at the top of this page or click here to purchase.


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