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The Latest - Testimonial By Marek Soblewski

Marek Soblewski

Exit All Seasons Maspeth, NY

"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA thanks to Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching."

"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA as a direct result of my involvement in Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program. "

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You've booked the appointment, you have your listing presentation ready, what else do you need before you go?  Confidence!  Lack of confidence can easily turn a potential client away.  Dress the part - wear something that makes you feel good!  Practice makes perfect -  practice the appointment in the mirror. From the intial greeting all the way through to your listing presentation.  Be sure that your facial expressions and body language are giving of a feel of confidence and comfort.  Practice on friends or family members as well!  Confidence is an important factor of success! 


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