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Having devoted the past 33 years to the Profession of Sales, I have personally trained over 13,000 sales associates and have inspired thousands to take control of their lives and sky rocket their production and income levels. It has become crystal clear to me that those agents who succeed in this business have one or more of the following traits in common:

  1. Vision and Direction – they know what they want to achieve and more importantly they have a written plan of action on how to achieve those goals.
  2. Accountability – remaining focused is the key to accountability, especially in the market we are currently experiencing.
  3. Education – Top Producers are constantly educating themselves, learning new techniques, technology, websites, dialogues, closes, etc. in order to stay one step ahead of the competition and on the cutting edge of this ever-changing business.
  4. Coaching – Involvement in a Coaching Program provides the support, guidance and feedback many struggling agents need to get on track and stay on track.

This website contains all of the elements shown above, plus much, much more. I have been involved with many programs over the years … some work … some don't. If you are looking for a System to boost you to your next level of production and you are serious about doing this, then this is what you have been searching for and I encourage you to join. Ed Escobar's Coaching and Accountability Program provides the serious agent in today's market access to Coaching, Accountability and Training for a monthly investment of just $19.95. $19.95 makes this program affordable for even the tightest budget. At a cost of less than 65 cents a day, you can't afford NOT to join today!

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"Ed Escobar helped me focus on techniques and goals to get my real estate career on track. Now I approach each aspect of my career with excitement, determination and confidence. "

James Barry

"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA as a direct result of my involvement in Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program. "

Marek Soblewski

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