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Testimonial By Maria Fermin

Maria Fermin

Exit Realty Success Corona, NY

"I had 14 Listings and 12 Sales worth over $18 million dollars during the recent Exit Sweathogs Program. Accountability keeps me on track to reach my goals."

"15 agents from my office participated in the recent Exit Sweathogs Program - along with our broker. Our overall production increased 70% during the 8-week program. I had 14 Listings and 12 Sales worth over $18 million dollars. I recommend Sweathogs to every agent who is serious about their success and increasing their income."

Testimonial By John Johnson, Jr.

John Johnson, Jr.

Fillmore Real Estate Brooklyn, NY

"I have been in real estate for almost 8 years and I needed to step up my game! I took 8 Listings & had 4 Sales during the recent 8-week Sweathogs Program!"

"More than anything, I needed a kick in the butt to get moving on getting more listings. My total production during Sweathogs was over $6.5 million. I recommend Sweathogs to every NEW agent that is just starting out and agents like myself who need to step up their game."

Testimonial By James Barry

James Barry

Sunnyside Properties Staten Island, NY

"Thanks to Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program...I'm on track to make a half a million dollars this year!"

"Ed Escobar helped me focus on techniques and goals to jump start my real estate career. Now I approach each aspect of my career with excitement, determination and confidence. "

Testimonial By Marek Soblewski

Marek Soblewski

Exit All Seasons Maspeth, NY

"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA thanks to Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching."

"I'm one of The Top 10 Exit Agents in the USA as a direct result of my involvement in Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program. "

Testimonial By Shawn Anen

Shawn Anen

Better Homes and Gardens Rand Wayne, NJ

"During my involvement in Ed Escobar's One-On-One Coaching Program, my income increased 25%."

"I am back to prospecting on a consistent basis, my time management is on point and I am laser beam focused on achieving all of my goals for next year. Not only has Ed helped me raise the bar in my real estate business, he has become a life coach to me and also a true friend. Ed Escobar WILL kick your butt in gear!"

Testimonial By Chris Anthony, Manager of the Year

Chris Anthony, Manager of the Year

Weichert Realtors Forked River

"One of the major reasons I was named Manager of the Year is Ed Escobar and the Sweathogs Program!"

"The 6 Sweathogs agents in my office all saw immediate results and 2 of them doubled their income! The Sweathogs agents really stepped up to the plate and took the Forked River office over the top!!"